Hall Of Fame

Welcome to our hall of fame. Here you will find all the writers that have graced our pages with wonder and delight. Through their words we find new worlds to explore, new avenues in which to escape, an endless stream of possibilities and impossibilities on which to ponder and reflect, to hope and to dread…

Douglas J. Eboch

Issue featured: #1
Story: Meatspace

Douglas Eboch is best known for writing the original screenplay for the movie “Sweet Home Alabama.” His science fiction short story “Recon” was published in “The Colored Lens” Winter 2020 edition. He’s also written content for the branching story game “Nightmare Cove” published by Evil Plot Games.

L. Reed Walton

Issue featured: #1
Story: Beyond Beckoning Skies

L. Reed Walton (she/they) writes across multiple genres, including science fiction, fantasy, and horror. She is currently querying her fourth book, a near-future science fiction crime novel. By day, they work as a science and public health communications professional, moonlighting on and off as an actor and improv comic as well as a writer. You can find her on Twitter at @LWriteWalton, and on her website, LReedWalton.com. They live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with their wife-to-be and four intractable felines.

Michelle Tang

Issue featured: #1
Story: Hairpins

Michelle Tang writes speculative fiction from Canada, where she lives with her husband and two children. Her short stories have been published in a dozen publications, including Terrifying Ghosts (forthcoming), Night Terrors, Vol II., and Once Upon an Enchanted Forest. When she’s not writing, Michelle enjoys reading movie spoilers, drinking bubble tea, and lurking on social media.

Brian Garrison

Issue featured: #1
Poem: There’s No Stopping The Universe

I serve as Secretary in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. My poetry has been published in Asimov’s, Star*Line, Eye to the Telescope, So it Goes, and my chapbook, New Yesterdays, New Tomorrows. I split my time between living in my imagination and Portland, Oregon. www.bugthewriter.com

M. E. Garber

Issue featured: #1
Story: The Anchor

Itinerant writer M. E. Garber lives halfway between the Kennedy Space Center and Disney World, so it’s no wonder her work leans strongly speculative. Her stories can be found in Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy’s Edge, and Nature’s Futures. A graduate of both Viable Paradise and the Taos Toolbox Writers’ Workshops, M. E. Garber can be found online at http://megarber.net, and tweeting pics of her dog @m_e_garber13

J. D. Harlock

Issue featured: #1
Story: The Perfect Man

J.D. Harlock is a Lebanese writer based in Beirut. His short stories have been featured in the Decoded Pride Anthology and The Deadlands. You can find him on Twitter @JD_Harlock.

Amanda Dier

Issue featured: #1
Story: Probabilities

Amanda Dier lives in not-always-sunny South Florida, picking up roadkill and analyzing faunal remains from archaeological sites. When she’s not picking through bones, teeth, and shells, she’s writing.

O. R. Kennett

Issue featured: #1
Story: Blue For Oblivion

O.R. Kennett is an English horror and fantasy writer. His most recent published story, A Soap Opera For One, appeared in the Terrifying Ghosts anthology published by FlameTree publishing.
Oliver regularly does live readings of his darkly humorous short stories and is highly active in the creative scene of his home town of Bristol. Oliver is working on a short story collection as well as his first novel.

Kim Whysall-Hammond

Issue featured: #1
Poem: Falling

Kim Whysall-Hammond grew up in London and now lives in deepest Berkshire. She has worked in Climate research and then in telecommunications – pursuits engendered by a love of SF. Her speculative poetry has been published by Kaleidotrope, On Spec, Time and Space Magazine, Star*Line, Andromeda Spaceways, The Future Fire, Utopia Science Fiction, Frozen Wavelets, Crannóg, and others. She has two poems in the ‘Dead of Winter’ anthology from Milk and Cake Press and shares poems at https://thecheesesellerswife.wordpress.com/