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Sciencefictionery is a bi-monthly Science-Fiction literary magazine that brings the best of Science Fiction in short, flash, and poetry forms.

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Due to an abundance of submissions and a few technical issues, we have had to temporary pause our submissions. 

We are eagerly awaiting to be accepted into the CLMP (Community of Literary Magazines and Presses) and will be signing up to Submittable in order to streamline our submissions process. We are also updating our mail server due to ongoing issues. 

Issue #1 may be delayed due to some of these issues and we will update this site in the coming days with a more concrete idea of where we stand on the publication date of issue 1.

Pre-order the very first issue of ScienceFictionery Magazine!

Issue 1 will be distributed on 10th of August 

Issue 1 content:


Meatspace by Douglas J. Eboch
Beyond Beckoning Skies by L. Reed Walton
The Perfect Man byJ. D. Harlock
Hairpins by Michelle Tang
Blue for Oblivion by O. R. Kennett
The Anchor by M. E. Garber
Probabilities by Amanda Dier


Falling by Kim Whysall-Hammond
There’s no Stopping the Universe by Brian Garrison

From the colonisation of new worlds to apocalyptic nightmares, from alien invasion to cyberpunk, dystopia, utopia, space opera and much more – we seek and offer the full spectrum of subgenres of Sci-Fi

We will publish:

  • “Micro” – Flash Fiction between 300-999 words. 
  • “Meso” – Short fiction between 1000-2499 words.
  • “Macro” – Short fiction between 2500-5000 words.
  • Poetry –  (up to 40 lines)
  • Articles – Up to 2500 words
  • Classic SciFi stories

Diversity & Equality – Sciencefictionery  is committed to the publication of work by writers of all sexes, genders, ethnicities, colour, orientation, nationalities and religious beliefs.

Young writers under the age of 18 should submit works through a responsible adult (parent or guardian)


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